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LG working on an LG G5 SE to take on the iPhone SE?

LG working on an LG G5 SE to take on the iPhone SE?

Whatever Apple does, the rest of the industry usually follows. Apple just launched the 4-inch iPhone SE to target consumers that still favor small smartphone screens, and it looks like LG could take the company’s new branding and apply it to its star of the year, the LG G5. The Korean manufacturer has applied for a trademark for LG G5 SE, suggesting a smaller version of the G5 is in the works.

LG has already been making mini versions of its flagships, so this year could simply see the company changing the way it names these variants. The G5 SE branding has even been stylised in the trademark, hinting that LG is serious about getting inspired by Apple’s new naming scheme. Of course, it’s also possible the trademark is only going to remain a trademark and not make it to an actual device. LG will probably see just how popular the iPhone SE turns out to be, and we will just have to wait and see if an LG G5 SE ever sees the light of day.

Via: GSMInfo | Source: KIPRIS

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