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LG Optimus G Pro crosses 1 million sales mark in Korea in less than 4 months

LG may have never had a strong reputation in the Western mobile décor, but locally the Optimus makers have always been a threat for the likes of Samsung or Apple. Need proof? How about if I told you Optimus G Pro sales have already topped 1 million units in Korea?

LG Optimus G Pro

According to an LG press release issued earlier today, that makes the G Pro the company’s best sold device. Ever. Still not impressed? Then chew on this number – the Optimus LTE, LG’s previous sales record-holder, hit 1 million sales in 7 months.

For comparison, the Optimus G Pro has done so in a little under 4 months, having seen daylight towards the end of February. The 1 million sales across this period of time also translate to about 8,000 units sold every day, which you have to admit is pretty darn impressive.

The previous milestone – 500,000 unit sales – was achieved 40 days after G Pro’s release, which is again impressive, but at the same time a little worrying, since it means the 5.5-incher needed an additional 70 days or so to sell 500k more.

Put into further context though, the number should still put smiles on a few LG exec faces. After all, the thing’s biggest competitor and the phone that resembles it the most, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, needed almost as much time to hit 1 million units sold in Korea. More exactly, it needed three months and some change, having been released in late September 2012 and crossing the 1 million mark on New Year’s Eve.

With all that in mind, LG’s biggest problem likely remains the West, especially America, where, aside from the Nexus 4, the company’s phones are highly unpopular. For the time being, we have no G Pro sales numbers outside Asia, but the thing has only been available stateside starting May 10, so it will surely need a little while longer to hit any kind of important milestone.

Via [LG Newsroom]

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