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LG might soon take on Samsung with the ‘G Edge’

LG curved OLED

Samsung has so far enjoyed the distinction of being the sole player in the curved edge display smartphone segment with its ‘Edge’ line of smartphones. However, this could soon change as its South Korean rival LG has recently filed trademarks for the “G Edge” and a couple of other names related to “Edge”.

The other names that LG has filed a trademark for include “Super Edge”, “Dual Edge”, “Upper Edge’, Dual Side Edge”, “Side Edge”, “Double Edge”, and “Two Edge”. This means LG is gearing up to take on Samsung soon with a dual edge display smartphone of its own.

LG had demoed a prototype smartphone with a dual curved edge OLED display at CES this year, so it is quite possible that the ‘G Edge’ device could be in advanced stages of testing currently and could be launched by next year. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

Source: Phandroid

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