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LG-made Nexus 10 2014 gets phony-looking renders, spec sheet, November 22 release date

Debunking every single rumor between late last year and yesterday, an LG-made second-generation Nexus 10 has been pictured by two sources seemingly unconnected. Furthermore, the tab has been allegedly listed for a short while on a British online retailer with a full spec sheet.

Nexus 10

First things first, bring the salt shakers, because there are a number of details about the story that look forged. Let’s start with the obvious. How in the heck did Google and LG manage to keep their claimed collaboration under wraps for so long?

Granted, there was talk around town of an upcoming LG-made Nexus slate, but it was the third-gen N7 that looked the part. Or a first ever Nexus 8. Meanwhile, there were people in the know that claimed Big G would once again go Samsung for the 10-inch Nexus, with the most recent speculation hinting at Asus being the chosen one after all.

So that’s one. Second, these two photos have to be some of the poorest-made “official” renders I’ve ever seen. I can’t put my finger on what exactly is off, it’s just the gizmo doesn’t look legit. Plus, it highly resembles its alleged predecessor, despite the general consensus being a major design overhaul is needed.

Nexus 10-2

Third, the LG V510 model number simply doesn’t make sense for a Nexus 10 2. The V500 is LG’s G Pad 8.3, so if a V510 is on the horizon, it can only designate a very similar slate to the 8.3-incher. Ergo, either a variation of the same device, or a Nexus 8.

Finally, as far as Tesco’s purported LG Nexus 10 listing, I’m pretty sure you remember a similar recent claimed listing, that time on Google’s Play Store. And since it proved a fake, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is too, as all the evidence we have it existed are “screenshots” that could have easily been fabricated.

Now, with all bases covered, let’s quickly round up the tidbits revealed by the trio of leaks. You know, in case the renders and information are indeed the real deal.

Nexus 10-3

Due out on November 22 in black and white flavors, the LG Nexus 10 2014 is to cost the equivalent of $480 (£299) in UK. That likely means America will get it at $350 in a Wi-Fi only flavor, with 4G LTE adding a cool hundred clams on top of the price tag.

No word on display resolution yet, while in the hardware department a quad-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU and 3 GB RAM should run the show. On the software side of things, you’ll get vanilla Android 4.4 KitKat, with 10 MP and 4 MP cameras greatly improving the imaging department over the first-gen Nexus 10. Sounds good? Let’s hope it’s also true.

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