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LG Launches the Very First Wireless Audio Wearables at CES 2017

LG has announced that it will be releasing the very first wearable audio devices, the LG Tone Studio and the LG Tone Free. These wearables will be the first of their kind in the fitness industry and are going to be presented at CES 2017.

The LG Tone is a wearable that packs on not one, but four speakers, two full-range powerhouses at the top and two vibrating ones at the bottom to give you a dynamic sound experience. The Tone Studio is also made for movie-manias as it packs on a Hi-Fi DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) to enhance sound quality, creating a cinematic experience by recreating audio content to its maximum fidelity. Furthermore, with Dual Play technology, two Tone Studios can be linked up to the same device to share audio from the same movie or playlist.

The Tone Free on the other hand is LG’s very first wireless stereo product featuring wireless earbuds that automatically charge once they are placed inside the neckband provided. This doesn’t just make them portable, but convenient to recharge as well. This carrying neckband gives the LG Tone extra juice alongside vibration alerts for incoming calls and texts. If you are the kind that lose your headphones often, then this neckband should be a relief for you as they give you a secure place to store these tiny earbuds.

So if you are as psyched for them as I am, I’m sure you will look forward to seeing them at CES 2017.

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