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LG launches first 3D-capable notebook in Korea, calls it the A530

Now that 3D technology is fast making inroads into our daily lives, have you ever once entertained the thought of investing in a 3D-capable notebook for your entertainment needs? If so, LG's latest announcement will probably be just the thing you need to perk up your Tuesday, for the Korean electronics company has just announced the launch of its first 3D-capable notebook which it calls the Xnote A530.

LG has announced the availability of its first 3D-capable notebook, the LG Xnote A530, for sale in its domestic market. According to the Korean electronics company, the new LG Xnote A530 is designed to encourage adoption of 3D technology among consumers in their entertainment and productivity needs.

Not much about the new Xnote A530 series of 3D-capable notebooks have been revealed by LG, although a machine translation of LG's recent press release has claimed that the notebooks will feature a 15-inch display that is capable of resolutions of up to 1080p, and also sports two built-in webcams which users can utilize for capturing stills or videos in either 2D or 3D. The press release also claims that the new Xnote A530 notebooks will be powered by a combination of Intel's second generation Core i7 processors and NVIDIA's GT555M graphics card, although it did not mention which specific i7 processors will be used for the notebook.

Last but definitely not least, the machine translation of LG's announcement seems to suggest that the new Xnote A530 notebooks will reportedly come with what appears to be a “True 3D PT” tool which allows users to create presentations that can be converted to 3D and subsequently displayed on 3D-capable TVs and monitors.

No details about the Xnote A530's pricing and global availability (if at all) has been announced by LG at this point of time.

Source: LG Korea

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