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LG Kicksoff Mobile WorldCup 2009

LG Mobile WorldCup

This has nothing to do with football, if that’s your first question. But if you think you are fast at texting, the LG Mobile WorldCup is looking for the world’s fastest texter. 16 countries will be taking part and the finals will be in US, in November.

Seoul, July 14, 2009 03:10 PM — LG Electronics today announced the initiation of LG MOBILE WORLDCUP 2009. The annual festival kicks off with the first national competition in Indonesia that will culminate in the World Championship in the U.S. in November to find the world’s fastest texter.

LG MOBILE WORLDCUP hopes to reinforce its reputation as the world’s premiere event of its kind with various activities this year under the unifying catchphrase “Sharing Fun Through Mobile Technology”. During the festival’s run, participants can take part in various activities such as game tournaments, a user-created “Mobile Pop Art” competition, a photo contest, a celebrity-studded gala concert as well as the texting competition.

This year, LG expanded MOBILE WORLDCUP from four to sixteen participating countries and a total prize pool of US$1 million, the largest purse for an event of its kind. The first National Championship will be held at the Jakarta Theater in Indonesia on the 15th of August four weeks after the commencement of the national league and other related mobile events. The 200 fastest texters will compete for the final prize of 100 million rupiah (approximately US$9,900). The National Championship will continue from July to October across five continents and 13 countries, including Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Russia, China and South Korea.

The final World Championship will be held in the U.S. in November with the champions from 16 national rounds –- including the U.S. and Canada where winners have already been named — competing for the maximum prize of US $100,000. The ultimate competition to find the world’s fastest texter will take place using LG mobile devices in front of a live audience over several rounds. As a result of the excitement around the event and significant prizes, the company expects worldwide interest in LG MOBILE WORLDCUP this year to reach as much as 6 million participants.

LG launched MOBILE WORLDCUP in 2008 as a unique global event to celebrate a mobile culture and lifestyle enhanced by LG’s state-of-the-art wireless technology. MOBILE WORLDCUP 2008 enjoyed widespread support and exposure with more than 700,000 contestants in South Korea, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

Source: Korea NewsWire

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