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LG invokes G4 by name at CES 2015, teases ‘experimental’ features

All with likely many months left until G4’s actual public debut.

LG G4 concept

Although LG didn’t exactly shake up the mobile industry at the still ongoing Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, keeping the next-gen flagship card close to the chest, Samsung’s Korean arch-rival clearly “won” the expo.

The G Flex 2 is hands down the most impressive smartphone to come out of the fair, its only serious contender probably being the 4 GB RAM-packing Asus ZenFone 2. Oh, alright, the optical zoom-touting ZenFone Zoom as well.

Perhaps noticing the danger of someone else stealing its thunder, LG went ahead and essentially confirmed the name of the unannounced G3 sequel. More importantly, the company’s Director of Corporate Communications stressed the gravity of innovation and “experiments” in G4’s development, leaving us wonder and dream about potentially game-changing features incoming.

To be fair, Ken Hong didn’t set in stone G4’s moniker 100 percent, and merely suggested LG’s strategy for winning customers going forward may be to stand out from the pile by “experimenting with high-end phones”.


Needless to point out he never even alluded to the specificity of said experiments, leaving the door open for some humdrum software add-ons to qualify, or maybe redesigned physical rear buttons, a G Flex-like curve, etc., etc. The sky is really the limit to how LG could choose to push the envelope, so it’s probably best to just wait for it, and forget about it.

Easier said than done, we’re well aware of that, but would it make the waiting more bearable if we were to tell you the LG G4 could drop less than a year after its predecessor? As in, well under a year on the heels of G3’s introduction. As in, at the Mobile World Congress in early March.

That’s just a wild guess, however with no new G Pro on the horizon, something has to fill the void.

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