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LG introduces new scanner-mouse device in Korea, calls it the LSM-100

Picture this situation; you need to scan a copy of a certain document, but the blasted scanner is situated at the other end of the room, and you really do not want to leave your comfortable chair and walk over to the device just to scan one single document. Well, don't worry; LG has come up with a novel way to solve such needs, and it comes in the form of its concept device, the LSM-100, which consists of a computer mouse that features a built-in scanner. And no, we are not making this up.

Disruptions to one's workflow can be a real pain at times, especially when it involves leaving one's desk to head over to the printer room to scan a single document, walk back to the desk and retrieve the scanned file from the network drives before proceeding to work on it. Fortunately, workers who often find themselves dealing with such issues may now have something to look forward to, for LG has just announced the availability of a new concept device, the LSM-100, which reportedly allows a user to perform such scanning functions right off a computer mouse.

According to LG, the LSM-100 concept mouse-scanner hybrid features a built-in scanning device in its body which allows it to scan documents ranging from A4 to A3 sizes, while the use of OCR or Optical Character Recognition reportedly grants the device some degree of intelligence. For example, LG has claimed that OCR can be used to convert a scanned document into a text file immediately, thus allowing for much greater ease in editing the contents of the scanned file as opposed to doing so via photoediting software.

Last but definitely not least, LG has also confirmed that the LSM-100 features a laser sensor for more accurate tracking, while scans can also be shared online via social networks or email thanks to the bundled Smart Share software.

No details about pricing for the LSM-100 has been revealed by LG yet, but the company has claimed that it intends to release the product for sale in North America, Europe and other “major foreign markets” in September.

Source: LG Korea

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