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LG Introduces its New Funky Levitating Speaker

We love great speakers and although sound quality is should be our first and foremost priority when we choose our speakers, who can say no to this incredibly futuristic piece of tech LG has came up with? I mean, levitating speakers? Next month at CES 2017, expect to get your mind blown by LG’s latest levitating bluetooth speaker.

This interesting gadget that LG has built looks more like a healthcare device than a piece of consumer tech. In fact, it resembles what you might actually chance upon in a healthcare facility like a hospital thanks to its off-white colour alongside a somewhat sturdy base unit as well as a series of control options built on the speaker itself.

If you are curious as to how this speaker is capable of levitating, the answer is, electromagnets, not The Force. There are no Jedis involved here. Powerful electromagnets are what’s supporting the omnidirectional speaker, whose audio quality LG describes as featuring Dual Passive Radiator technology which should give you “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.”

There is also a strong bass that is well, controlled by the base of the unit that acts as a subwoofer and at the same time, functions as a charger too. As soon as your floating speaker has sapped up its 10 hours worth of battery life, it will slowly descend back to its base to refuel and recharge, much like an out-of-juice spaceship. Even when your speaker is charging, it is capable of blasting some serious music, just with much lesser effects and appearing less cool.

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