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LG G6 rumored to feature an all-in-one selfie camera plus iris scanner module

iris scanner module LG G6

After the failure of the modular design concept introduced this year, LG is apparently looking at other innovative features to differentiate its 2017 flagship smartphone. One of them could be an interesting “all-in-one” sensor that will function both as an iris scanner as well as a selfie camera. The component was shown off by LG recently at the Korea Electronics Show.

The component apparently uses a filter that allows the sensor to capture photos as well as be used for iris scanning. This could potentially help save costs as well as free up some space that would be otherwise be required if two different modules were used for the front-facing camera and iris scanner. According to the Digital Times report, LG’s “all-in-one” module takes up only 0.36 sq.cm of space as opposed to 0.47 sq. cm of space required by traditional “dual” sensors.

Samsung used an iris scanner on its Galaxy Note 7 this year, with mixed reactions from the general public. While there is no doubt that iris scanning is a safer authentication method compared to more common fingerprint scanners, the implementation so far hasn’t been as convenient.

Apart from the “all-in-one” iris scanner module, the G6 is also rumored to be the first LG flagship smartphone to utilize the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology for the company’s own mobile payment system that is expected to debut next year. What remains to be seen however, is if LG will ditch the modular design concept next year. But if recent reports are to be believed, this might not be the case.

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