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LG G6 to be priced at nearly $800 in Korea, reveals Cho Juno

Speaking to the media after the G6 announcement today, LG mobile chief Cho Juno revealed that the flagship smartphone will be launching on March 10th in Korea at 899,800 won ($796.85). We have to admit that we’re a little shocked by the pricing, as the G6 isn’t a true flagship as far as the hardware is concerned. The G6 launch price will be identical to that of the V20, which is considered to be LG’s top-end flagship device.

When reports suggesting the G6 would be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 started coming out a few weeks back, we were expecting LG to act sane and price it lower than other 2017 flagship smartphones, presenting it as a high VFM flagship device. However, it looks like the company thinks consumers will not be bothered about the SoC inside and the lack of certain features that are expected from a flagship smartphone.

But of course, it is still a bit early to pass a judgment, as Samsung is yet to announce the Galaxy S8. If Samsung prices the Galaxy S8 around the same region as the G6 in Korea or only slightly higher, it could be very bad news for LG. The G5 was a sales dud last year, so the company would be hoping that the G6 does not suffer the same fate.

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