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LG G6 launch price tipped to be around $50 higher than the G5

A new report out of South Korea today confirmed some of the previously revealed LG G6 specifications and features. The report re-confirms a glass sandwich design with a metal frame in the middle. It will also come with an IP68 certification for dust and water resistance, which unfortunately means the battery will not be user-replaceable.

The flagship smartphone will feature a 5.7-inch sized display with 1440 x 2880 resolution, with an unusual 2:1 aspect ratio. As we have already seen in leaked images of the smartphone, the G6 will boast of very thin bezels on all sides, resulting in a 90%+ screen-to-body ratio. The report in fact claims the top and bottom bezels combined will only measure 4mm in height.

At the back, the G6 will include a dual-camera setup similar to its predecessor, along with a circular fingerprint scanner positioned towards the center. Unlike the G5 however, LG G6 is tipped to be an audiophile’s dream, packing a 32-bit DAC inside, possibly the very same one we have seen on the LG V20. The V20, in case you aren’t aware, is one of the best-sounding smartphones on the market right now. The global G6 model will also integrate wireless charging, a feature that will not be present on the South Korean unit. Instead, the LG G6 units sold in South Korea will come with a Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) chip for MST-processed mobile payments.

Thanks to the upgraded hardware and several new features, LG reportedly plans to launch the G6 at around $770 in South Korea, roughly $50 higher than the $720 launch price of the LG G5 last year.

Via: PhoneArena


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