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LG G6 Boasts Better Safety and Reliability Standards

LG’s upcoming flagship, the LG G6 seeks to raise the bar in the field of reliability. The South Korean company has put its latest flagship through rigorous tests to ensure that it will remain in pristine condition even after being used for a long period of time.

The G6 has been put through accelerated life tests to see how it responds to damaging environmental factors such as humidity, dust, water damage, substance penetration and temperature. The complex environmental tests used by LG tests combine various risk factors to see how the G6 fares in terms of reliability.

LG hopes to improve the reliability of the G6 by focusing on 2 main aspects of the smartphone,namely heat radiation and battery management.

To manage heat radiation, a cooling pipe will be implemented in the device. The reason why managing heat radiation is of such vital importance is because an overheated smartphone is uncomfortable to grip and more importantly, it shortens a phone’s battery life. The heat pipe used will be made out of copper, which will vent heat better thanks to its optimal thermal conductivity. This is commonly used in PCs as well and the pipe implemented will be useful in reducing the heat generated by 6 to 10 percent.  

  • Apart from the heat pipe, the G6 will have an increased distance between the Application Processor and LCD screen to avoid overheating issues.

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