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LG G5 back panel for Korean carrier leaks

LG G5 back panel for Korean carrier leaks

We came across the final design of the LG G5 thanks to a leaked render earlier, and for anyone doubting that might not have been fully accurate, a picture of the back panel of the G5 should lay all doubts to rest.

The back panel is from the LG U+ version of the G5 from South Korea, and the cutouts for the various hardware components matches everything from the leaked render. There is a cutout for the fingerprint sensor (a first for an LG flagship), two primary cameras (rumored to be 16 MP and 8 MP units), and for the LED flash and laser autofocus.

The metallic finish is visible as well, and this time it’s not fake metal-looking plastic that will adorn the back, like it did on previous G flagships. Here’s hoping the improved design is matched by other amazing features that will let the G5 make a stand against the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Source: Times News

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