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LG G4 Pro release may still be on, but final name and ETA remain a secret

It could happen next month, or it could be the figment of various tipsters’ imaginations.

LG G4 girls

It’s not just HTC that has a confusing slew of Android handhelds in the pipeline for this fall, with LG already open about the official specifications and targeted market of the mid-range Class, and at least two high-enders further due out by the end of the year.

No, the long-rumored G4 Pro and recently leaked ticker display-sporting V10 aren’t one and the same. The latter feels experimental, though it’ll allegedly get a high-profile October 1 announcement in New York, while the “improved” G4 should go up against the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 globally.

If it’s real, and if it’s still coming, which serial leaker @OnLeaks attests to, but other sources call into question. Most likely, the Pro family is extinct, so a different moniker may be in the works. G4 Plus? G4+? Perhaps G4 Note or G4 Pen if the premium phablet wields a stylus accessory?

LG G4 Pro

Your guess is as good as ours for the time being, but with a G Stylo and G4 Stylus out and about, those last two theories seem doubtful. Don’t try to read too much into the above blurry image either, as it’s merely a placeholder, and don’t act shocked if LG ultimately decides to unveil the next-gen flagship early next year, at CES or MWC, instead of the very final days before the 2015 holiday season opener.

After all, if the V10 were to indeed go on sale stateside, and its specifications are at least marginally better than the G4, why bother with an extra incremental upgrade, unlikely to adopt a full-metal construction?

Besides, once the Snapdragon 820 SoC sees daylight in 2016, LG will have bigger fish to fry, i.e. stronger rivals to compete against.

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