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LG G4 Pro candidate benchmarked with Snapdragon 808, 4 GB RAM

The somewhat enigmatic F600L flagship phone could also take shape as the oft-rumored Nexus 5 2015, but the model number and on-board software suggest otherwise.


LG has already been quite “productive” on the high-end mobile hardware release front this year, with the G4 and G Flex 2 aimed directly at Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Yet much like their arch-rivals, the perennial Korean underdogs are reportedly brewing an additional pair of hero devices for commercial bows before the holidays.

Of course, if things unfold as multiple credible sources tip off, the G4 Pro and Google-backed 2015 Nexus 5 won’t exactly go up against the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+. Instead, the former should decidedly trudge on the turf of Sammy’s next-gen phablet spearhead, with the latter serving as a purist’s S6/G4 alternative.

It’s possible the long overdue sequel to the original 2013 N5 strays from the beaten design path of the G4, and we wouldn’t altogether rule out the Snapdragon 820 prospect. It’s definitely a stretch, albeit not technically impossible.

LG G4 Pro benchmark

Meanwhile, we think we caught wind of the G4 Pro at Geekbench, and alas, SD820 speculation doesn’t seem to check out. The preliminary benchmark lists the “professional” Android 5.1 soldier as packing hexa-core Snapdragon 808 power, which we must admit sounds a little disappointing.

Then again, maybe underwhelming G4 sales are making LG consider a September G4 Pro launch, and the 820 just can’t hit retail by then. In which case you wouldn’t want the fiery 810 inside, would you?

Besides, a cutting-edge 4 GB RAM count is pretty much confirmed for this F600L, so multitasking and overall raw speed shouldn’t be a problem. How can we be so sure we aren’t dealing with a Nexus, again?

For one thing, you’d think a “pure Google” handheld would run Android M in such advanced stages of testing. Yet the F600L still has 5.1.1 on the software side of things. Also, G4’s alias is F500, and the G Flex 2 is known on the inside by the F510 moniker. Hence, the F600 is likely part of the same family. Mystery solved.

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