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LG G4 Note presumably caught on camera, standard G4 tipped to reach 15 mil sales

The non-stylus-supporting model should be out by April’s end, with the direct Galaxy Note competitor following suit at some point before September.

LG G4 Note software

It’s a full-on flood of LG-related leaks. The “slightly curved” but familiar sequel of last year’s uber-successful G3 recently sashayed for the press, likely making its G Pen-capable sibling jealous of all the attention.

Unsurprisingly, the G4 Note didn’t take long to break cover, showcasing its more conventional curves in what seems fairly advanced pre-release prototype form. Could both these devices roll out next month therefore? We highly doubt it, and it’s still entirely possible a number of facelifts and design adjustments will be operated on LG’s ultra-high-ender by fall.

After all, the G4 and G4 Note don’t look all that different at the moment. In fact, are we really sure this is the Note variant instead of the base G4 photographed so as to conceal its arched display? @OnLeaks, aka @Stagueve, aka Steve Hemmerstoffer from French publication Nowhere Else believes so, following consultations with “sources”, but we’re not convinced.

LG G4 Note

Before you even think it, no, that’s probably not a stylus slot in the top left corner of the phone’s rear. It’s almost certainly a retractable TV tuner antenna made for the Korean market. The pictured home screen proves nothing, or the subtly rehashed physical buttons at the back, or the pre-loaded Android 5.0.2 software.

Switching to non-visual speculation, The Korea Herald once again corroborates G4’s late April ETA, predicting a “game changer” despite steady iPhone 6 sales and enthusiastic Samsung Galaxy S6 reception.

The Asian journal goes so far as to forecast shipments exceeding 9 million units in 2015, with the figure then topping 15 mil by the end of the handheld’s first year around. That would easily eclipse the G3 and put LG on track for another overall growth after considerably boosting its results between 2013 and 2014.

Let’s just hope the “5-inch or so Quad HD” powerhouse will have something besides an inconspicuous curve as a sales hook.

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