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LG G4 could be the first 3K display smartphone


Last year, LG took the flagship smartphone by storm with its Quad-HD display toting G3. The successor to the G3 is expected to arrive by summer this year and so far we weren’t expecting it to have a resolution advantage over its rivals like its predecessor. However, a leaked user agent profile suggests that the G4 may pull off a bigger surprise than the G3 by being the first smartphone to come with a 1620 x 2880 3K resolution display.

The user agent profile for the LG VS999 model has been spooted by the folks over at myLGphones. According to the report, the VS999 is going be the G4 variant for Verizon Wireless. Unfortunately, the screen resolution is the only piece of information that we get to know from the user agent profile for the VS999 model. Everything else remains a mystery for now.

Recently when we learnt that the G4 will not be making an appearance at the Mobile World Congress this year, we wondered what the company could include with the G4 in order to differentiate it from flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One M9 that are expected to be announced at the MWC in March and will be available for sale weeks before the G4 is announced. If the LG G4 does end up with a 3K display, then the G4 will certainly be worth the wait and is likely to receive the same or even greater attention from consumers than what the G3 received last year. The LG G3 has been the most successful flagship smartphone for LG in terms of sales and has managed to sell in excess of 10 million units.

However, we still suggest you take this information with a grain of salt as we haven’t heard anything about 3K panels for smartphones so far and all previous rumors claim the G4 will sport a Quad HD display like its predecessor.

Source: MyLGPhones



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