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LG G3 Stylus begins global rollout, G3 Beat arrives at Sprint and AT&T as G3 Vigor

If you thought staying on top of all LG G-series variations was difficult before, wait until you start seeing the G3 Stylus and G3 Vigor pop up on store shelves.

LG G3 Vigor

In addition to wisely borrowing and charmingly polishing the general design language of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and also finding inspiration in the competition’s vast, all-inclusive product roster, LG seems to have sadly copied a number of not-very-inspired strategic moves from their neighbors and bitter rivals.

First and foremost, an erratic naming scheme and ill-advised brand dilution. Case in point, the G3 family, which grows and grows with each new day, welcoming in its midst humble mid-rangers that taint the imposing top-of-the-line image of the standard G3.

We get why LG needed a diminutive, diluted model, but for crying out loud, did they really have to use three different monikers to designate region-specific G3 minis? And the irony is none of the three is called G3 mini. Instead, they’re baptized G3 S, G3 Beat and G3 Vigor.

The Vigor will apparently launch exclusively to the United States, although both on the inside and on the outside, it’s virtually identical to the S and Beat. Headed for AT&T at an unspecified time in the near future, and Sprint on September 19, the 5 incher will cost $299.99 outright with the latter carrier. Or $0 upfront with 24 subsequent monthly payments of $12.50.

LG G3 Stylus

Not bad for 720p screen resolution, quad-core Snapdragon 400 processing power, Android 4.4.2 KitKat software, 1 GB RAM and 2,540 mAh battery juice.

Even harder to explain, LG expanded the G3 lineup to make room for a Samsung Galaxy Note competitor with stylus support and a 5.5-inch display sporting cringe worthy 960 x 540 pixels resolution.

The aptly named G3 Stylus, which only has aesthetics in common with the standard G3, is ready to take the world by storm, starting with Brazil later this week, and followed “shortly” by further Latin American markets, as well as select Central Asian territories and the CIS.

No words on pricing, other than it will vary from region to region, and nothing on an eventual US bow either. Look, LG, we normally like the way Android phablets interact with pens, but the G3 Stylus is too low-end to make an impact on the exigent American mobile scene. So just forget about it, a’ight?

Sources: Sprint Newsroom, AT&T, LG PR

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