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LG G2 shows up again in high-quality press shots and video

With roughly seven hours left to go until LG G2’s highly anticipated formal intro, we’re sad to inform you there’s basically nothing of interest still uncovered. We’ve seen the big guy caught on camera several times already, the spec sheet is as transparent as glass and even the exact product dimensions have been revealed.


And to top it all off, infamous Twitter user @evleaks has just come forward with two press shots of the device that look like the real deal. And they’re high-res too, so it’s like the G2 is already out and about.

Meanwhile, a fairly obscure YouTuber has also uploaded a short video clip starring the technically unreleased phone, showing off its video reproduction abilities next to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sorry, LG, but right now your big unveiling event in NYC later today seems pointless.

But is there at least something new today’s photos and video divulge? Not really. True, we never had such a clear image of the G2 before. Yet on the whole we knew what to expect. Namely, a big-ass phone with super-slim bezels and a funky backside (no fingerprint scanner there though).

As you can see from the clip embedded below, the 5.2-incher is wickedly zippy (it is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU after all), although it does appear to have a few issues with color reproduction.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying LG dropped the ball with this fellow’s display as Sony did with the Xperia Z, but compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 it looks to be just a tad less bright and crisp. Or maybe it’s just me trying to be overly picky with an otherwise exceptional device.

Remember, stay tuned on our website in the next few hours to get the official scoop on LG G2’s specs, features and, hopefully, availability and pricing too. Who’s psyched? How about bored?

Via [Twitter] and [Android Beat]

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