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LG G Watch R availability further detailed, coming to Google Play in weeks

The “new benchmark for wearables”, as LG boldly describes it, will go on sale in select European markets in early November, followed by North America, Asia and the CIS “soon after”.


It’s time. No pun intended, but it’s time for a new timepiece. One that’s both stylish and actually looks like something non-geeks would have no problem in wearing on a daily basis. Perfectly round, not too large and not too small, water and dust resistant, decently zippy and packing a hefty battery, the G Watch R is the best Android Wear entry so far.

At least on paper, because we remember thinking the same thing about Motorola’s Moto 360, and ending up let down by the outdated on-board processor and surprisingly crappy battery life.

Looks can be deceiving, so it’s probably wise to hold off for a few comprehensive reviews, autonomy tests and whatnot. They’re coming, mind you, and the watch itself is coming to the masses. After a launch restricted to South Korea last week, the G Watch R is due in dozens of territories worldwide by the end of November.

Apparently, France, Italy, Spain and the UK are the next stops on the gizmo’s world tour, with the US not far behind. The exact dates of the region-specific releases remain under wraps at the moment, but everything looks prepared for a rapid albeit gradual spread. Oh, and LG has Google’s full support on its way to glory, as the Play Store shall carry the G Watch R in “select markets in the weeks ahead”.

LG G Watch R

Hopefully, LG isn’t going to encounter the same production difficulties still plaguing Moto 360 availability. Since both are round, they’re equally as hard to mass-manufacture, but odds are demand will be a little lower for the G Watch R.

That’s because the newest Android Wear family member is officially priced at €299 for the old continent, and likely to cost $299 stateside. The Moto 360 is generally €50 and $50 cheaper, so you do the math and figure out which feels more attractive.

As a quick feature recap, the LG G Watch R sports a 1.3-inch P-OLED 320 x 320 pix res display, with a 410 mAh battery in charge of keeping the lights on. A “powerful but efficient” 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip is found beneath the hood, alongside 512 MB RAM and 4 GB storage space.

Protected for one meter water immersions of 30 minutes tops, the wearable piece also rocks a built-in heart rate monitor, barometer and a number of other sensors. It’s positively dreamy, but is it worth $300? You tell us.

Source: LG Newsroom

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