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LG G Pro 2 likely to debut on February 13 with scrawny 0.4 mm bezel

When LG first revealed the G Pro 2 was to roll out in February, everybody assumed the formal debut would happen in the month’s closing days, during Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, but now comes word it’s all going down next week.


Sounds like someone is afraid the MWC stage isn’t big enough for two high-profile mobile announcements. And LG may be onto something there, as with all due respect, their G Pro 2 can’t be a match for Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

Not as far as media buzz is concerned. So ultimately, an early unveiling is not such a bad idea. When will the G Pro 2 crop up after all? Assuming LG has nothing else of public interest up its sleeve (and we don’t believe it does), on February 13, i.e. next Thursday.

The press invites for a Korean event that day have been sent, though you’ll need Sherlock Holmes to decipher any hints. Well, aside from the obvious Knock On reference, which doesn’t say much as the Optimus-specific software perk could be found on all half-decent 2014 LG phones.

LG press event

But again, this has to be it. Just look at what we know about the upcoming phablet. It will sport rear-mounted physical buttons, a top-notch OIS Plus 13 MP camera with Ultra HD video shooting and, according to new intel unearthed by Korean press, improved speakers and razor-thin bezels.

A 30 percent beefier sound system, to be specific, plus 0.4 mm screen borders. Why is that latter part important? Think about it, it’ll help LG keep the big guy’s overall footprint in check, making it comfortable to hold and use… for a 5.9-incher.

Yes, the 5.9-inch panel is a near certainty, as is a 77.2 percent display-to-size ratio. That’s one for the record books, ladies and gents, as the breathtaking G2 is a “measly” 75.9 percent all screen. Still hard to consider the G Pro 2 a potential Galaxy S5 or Note 3 “killer”, but we’re slowly getting there.

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