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LG G Flex rolls out this month across Asia, Europe early next year

Available for a while now in Korea, LG’s innovative curved display-toting G Flex smartphone is ready to take the rest of Asia by storm in time for the year’s end.


That’s according to a formal LG press release (hence, it’s official), with the PR also pegging the first two countries slated to score the massive, self-healing 6-incher. First, December 13 will see the handheld land on store shelves in Hong Kong, followed in a few days by Singapore.

Then, it’ll be Thailand’s turn to join the launch party, whereas other key markets in Asia (translation: China, Japan and Taiwan) are to “announce the availability of this innovative device before the end of the year”.

But what about Europe? Well, I’m afraid LG needs a little more time to figure things out and thus the Koreans will break the promise made last month. Ergo, there’s officially no chance Santa will drop one of these bad boys down any old continent chimneys.

LG G Flex

Bad news? Delays often are, though maybe in this particular case it’s all for the best. It doesn’t take a genius to tell G Flex’s manufacturing process is quite lengthy, so it’d be better for everyone if the Nexus 5 makers rolled the curvy fellow out only as soon as demand can be decently handled.

That goes double for America, where the gimmicky big guy is currently tipped for a late Q1 release on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, albeit no one would be shocked to hear the ETA pushed back to, say, early or mid Q2. It would still be better than Samsung’s Galaxy Round efforts, cynically described as experiments and basically shelved already.

Too bad the G Flex isn’t superior to the Round in the hardware department as well, with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 and 2 GB RAM under the hood, but an underwhelming 720p P-OLED panel.

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