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LG expertly taunts Samsung for not going global with the Galaxy Note 5

Subtle, on the nose and amusing – what’s not to like about the latest verbal jab thrown by LG in its arch-rival’s direction?

LG mocks Samsung

Samsung’s newest S Pen-capable phablet may eclipse the LG G4 in raw speed, multitasking prowess, general design pizazz, productivity and even display sharpness, but the Korean underdog still holds plenty of ammo against one of its main challengers.

For one thing, the leather-clad 5.5-inch Android is much cheaper than the 5.7-inch aluminum-and-glass beast. And perhaps more importantly, it’s easier to come by worldwide. That’s not only because the Galaxy Note 5 is newer, as Sammy shockingly plans a limited entry into North America and Asia.

No love whatsoever for loyal admirers of the Note family in Europe, and the old continent looks stuck with the somewhat gimmicky S6 Edge+. Of course, you can always opt for the G4, which LG Jordan hilariously reminded its Twitter followers yesterday.

Wait, isn’t Jordan an Asian nation? Well, yeah, but as far as we know, it’s not included on GNote 5’s “world tour” either. Not yet, at least. So, until further notice, the manufacturer’s local social media handlers are right to “apologize” to folks who “marked a NOTE on their calendar” for August 21.

Except, obviously, they’re not really apologizing, merely plugging the #G4theworld hashtag at the expense of the competition. Nice one, LG! Not overly offensive, by no means tacky, and most importantly, very effective at getting the point across. We approve. Care to respond, Samsung, or should we call this a Technical Knock Out?

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