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LG D820 likely Nexus 5’s model number after all, evleaks dropped the ball on this one

As a loyal, longstanding fan of the Discovery Channel show “MythBusters”, I’m sad to say I find no pleasure whatsoever in being able to debunk one of the stronger popular beliefs as far as the tech-focused media is concerned.


Namely, that infamous leaker @evleaks is never wrong. Well, he is… on occasion, which he gracefully admitted himself earlier today. But let’s go back to the beginning.

Remember when Google tried to boost some hype for Android 4.4 KitKat by uploading a YouTube promo video and ended up sparking a storm of rumors starring the LG Nexus 5? Of course you do, more so that no one really bought N5’s “leak” being completely involuntary.

It wasn’t long after that a mysteriously codenamed LG D820 was spotted getting FCC’s stamp of approval with oddly similar specs to what the world expected from the N5, so one thing led to another and we were just about convinced an LG-made N5 was set in stone.

LG D821

Only @evleaks took to his favorite social network, Twitter, to claim that the D820 and a very similarly numbered D821 were nothing but plain and boring CDMA variants of the LG G2. Since D820’s measurements revealed by the FCC didn’t exactly fall in line with G2’s, the tweet seemed a little fishy from the get-go. But hey, it was the agency’s word against that of the most trustworthy tipster in the history of Android.

But now it’s all clear. Evan Nelson Blass got it wrong. Or played us for fools for reasons I don’t fully understand. He says so and the FCC once again says so. The D821 has itself been seen getting regulatory approvals, not as a CDMA flavor of the LG G2, but with GSM connectivity.


The dimensions are almost identical to LG G2’s, there’s support for band 5 LTE, and, while the rest of the specs haven’t been uncovered, they’ll likely replicate those of the existent 5.2-incher. Which means this thing will take plenty of cues from the G2, but the D820 (aka the Nexus 5) not so many.

Specifically, chances are the N5 will boast a 4.96-inch Full HD screen, make use of a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and land on at least three of four major American carriers: AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Now all we need is a price tag and some ETAs.

Sources: Phandroid, Twitter

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