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LG beats Sony in OLED race, announces large screen OLED TV for late 2012

18 months ago, Sony raised expectations of consumers all over the world when it announced that it had plans to introduce  a large screen OLED TV. Fast forward to today, and the good news is that it seems that an OLED TV release is still on the cards, and that such a device will reportedly hit retail shelves some time in the later part of the 2012. But here's the catch: it will be LG that is rolling out the aforementioned OLED TV, and not Sony.

LG has announced that it plans to start shipping large screen television sets with OLED displays some time in the later half of 2012, beating Sony in the OLED game after the latter first claimed 18 months ago that it will be the first company to release a similar product.

According to a report published by technology website SmartHouse, LG's announcement was made over the weekend, where it was revealed that the Korean electronics company is planning to release "a limited range of 55" OLED TV late in 2012 with the new TV set to be shown at the 2012 CES show in January".

In addition, LG has confirmed that the television sets will not be mass produced; rather, the company intends to roll out only a few tens of thousands of the devices as a way of gauging consumer reaction before making any further plans. This was confirmed by LG Display's CEo, Kwon Young-soo. 

"We will make no more investment in the sector judging that the OLED businss is relatively less profitable than other products in the mobile sector," he said.

The TV is set to be around $3,000 in Australia, although it is not specified whether the cost is in Australian or US currency.

Source: SmartHouse

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