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LG also commits to monthly Android security updates from now on

The Korean device manufacturer joins local rival Samsung and world-leading search guru Google in a collective effort to prevent major system vulnerabilities such as Stagefright going forward.


Considered until not long ago a second-class Android citizen by many, LG can all of a sudden do no wrong, rising through the OEM ranks like crazy. The G4 is a hit, no matter what some market analysts say, the company’s mid-tier phones are increasingly trendy among budget consumers, and a “super premium” G4 Pro is looming large.

The number of handhelds under LG’s belt already brought to Lollipop and the update tempo also prove the former dark horse means business. Plus, we have reason to believe G-series gadgets will receive constant security fixes up to three years after their launches.

Lower-end phones like the Bello II as well, we presume, though LG officials are yet to disclose specifics regarding the software support pledge. All we know, based on inside information, is that they’re on the same ship as Google and Samsung.


If by chance you don’t start seeing monthly updates rolled out to your (relatively) new LGs soon, it’s good to keep in mind regional carriers play their part too. In the words of an LG rep quoted by Wired, security updates will be provided on a monthly basis “which carriers will then be able to make available to customers immediately.” Able, not obligated, mind you.

Hopefully, service providers understand the time-sensitive nature of maintenance bumps, and learn to stay out of the process. There’s a time and place for bloat, and this isn’t it. Stagefright must remain a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!

Speaking of, it seems every single household name in the industry realizes the recent bug’s nasty potential, and Android repairs are on their way to Nexus devices, plus Android Ones, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC-made mobile gizmos.

Source: Android Police

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