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LG aims to differentiate G4 from G3 with new visual approach, better camera

The real “next big thing”? Samsung might take issue with that.


They say it’s easier to reach the top of the ladder than stay there once you’ve peaked, and LG is about to learn that particular lesson the hard way. It’s no secret the Koreans rocked the mobile boat with the G3, essentially their first ever flagship phone capable of standing its ground against Samsung rivals.

Some even consider the rear physical button-sporting 5.5 incher better than the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, and recent price cuts have sure helped stiffen the bad boy’s prominence. The only problem is gadgets aren’t like wines, and they actually get worse with age.

A sequel is ergo vital for LG’s financial stability, but how can you improve perfection? Perhaps through experiments, company officials suggested not long ago, and a lengthy pre-production process.

Also, a “differentiation strategy in terms of design”. Translation – an extreme makeover. While we certainly appreciate the boldness of the approach, you have to wonder exactly what LG plans to alter on the aesthetic front.

LG G3 camera

Build materials, maybe to follow HTC’s suit and take the full-metal path to glory? Sounds exciting, but potentially expensive. A change in key placement? Probably not the greatest idea, since people have barely started to get used to the current arrangement.

Oh, we know – slimmer bezels. Nah, that’s a long shot too, given the G3 is already over 75 percent screen. Finally, we could speculate the G4 will borrow G Flex 2’s curve, or that innovative, uber-robust self-healing back. But where would the “differentiation” between the two lie?

That’s quite the pickle LG finds itself in. On the bright side, there are still upgrades to be made in the camera department. Rumor has it a revised optical image stabilization system is on deck, plus a 16 or 20 megapixel sensor.

Add an octa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor in the equation, 4 GB RAM, G Pen stylus support, and at worst, we’re looking at a marginally superior flagship. Possibly, a better device than the Galaxy S6 too.

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