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Let the games begin: Amazon mocks Apple’s new iPad, claims Kindle Fire HDX is ‘Lighter than Air’

We all knew this was coming. And not a moment too soon, it has. The ink is barely dry on Apple’s press releases announcing the new iPad Air and iPad mini 2 and Cupertino’s rivals have already come out swinging to defend their own tablet bids.


But unlike in recent memory, it’s neither Samsung, nor Nokia that kicks the festivities into gear with the first anti-Apple ad. Not even Microsoft, believe it or not, though for once they’d probably have a foundation for some jabs, as the second-gen Surfaces look much better… on paper than their predecessors.

Instead, Amazon opens the ball with an almost unexpectedly simple and amusing charge: “Kindle Fire HDX – Lighter than Air”. Boom!

Admit it, iFans, you didn’t see that one coming. And it has a great ring to it. Plus, some folks may not get it at first, if they’re not familiar with Apple’s latest branding and marketing schemes, which probably makes the slogan that much smarter and more effective.


On the other hand, I’m sorry to be the one to poop on your party, Amazon, but you’re kind of misleading people. You’re not lying per se, as the Fire HDX 8.9 is technically lighter than Apple’s iPad Air (0.82 vs. 1.03 pounds), but since your tab is 0.8 inches smaller, the comparison doesn’t seem fair.

Not to mention Apple could play a similar card and claim the iPad mini 2 is lighter than Amazon’s 8.9-incher, which it is, but again, it isn’t relevant, as there’s a pretty big gap in screen real estate.

In the meantime though (between yesterday and now, that is), I’m guessing Amazon got a few similar complaints and so the banner on their official site has been replaced with a much more earnest message: “Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 – Still the highest resolution large screen tablet”. That’s more like it, albeit it’s clearly not as clever or funny.

Source: Apple Insider

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