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Lenovo’s S930 is possibly maybe the world’s cheapest 6-inch quad-core phablet

Go big or go home used to be the motto of phablet manufacturers, as tech-savvy folks looked unable or unwilling to wrap their heads around the concept of budget-conscious larger than 5-inch phones.

Lenovo S930

But now there are phablets out and about for any Bill, Bob and Joe, no matter their budgets. And people seem to dig mid-rangers with displays measuring 6 inches or so more and more. Just look at how popular Samsung’s Galaxy Megas have become.

Meanwhile, Lenovo has decided to take things further by rolling out possibly the world’s cheapest 6-incher. Almost definitely the cheapest from a household brand. The S930, which has quietly landed in China mere hours ago, costs $244, or 1,499 Yuan. Remember what 250 bucks could buy two years or so ago? Mind-boggling, ain’t it?

And believe it or not, the S930 is no pushover. Well, maybe if you pit it against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, it is, but considering the price range, things could have been much worse. Much, much worse.

Lenovo S930-2

After all, the big guy is quite elegant, with an 8.65 mm thin profile, it reportedly packs a spacious 3,000 mAh battery (though some sources say 2,250 mAh, which is an entirely different kettle of fish), and its IPS screen boasts 1,280 x 720 pixels.

The software side of things is encouraging too, with pre-loaded Android 4.2, whereas the 1 gig of RAM, dual SIM support and 8 MP rear-facing camera help the S930 aspire for a place under the mid-range sun instead of one in the low-end niche.

Granted, the 1.3 GHz Cortex A7-based quad-core MediaTek CPU is fairly laggy and the 8 GB of on-board storage barely fall under bare necessities, but come on, yo, do you really expect to cough up a third of GNote 3’s price and get cutting-edge technology? I say be content with what you receive, because more for less is virtually impossible to come across.

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