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Lenovo’s Moto Phones to Get Alexa Built Into Them

Instead of having only 1 artificial intelligence, Google Assistant in your Android device, you can now have 2. Both Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa could be yours. How will these two giants coexist in a single smartphone? We don’t really know, but we are psyched to find out.
Yesterday on Feb 27, Lenovo’s Motorola handset division and Amazon revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they will be partnering up to install the Alexa voice assistant into the new line of Moto Z smartphones that will be available later this year. This is really interesting because Motos run on the Android OS, which comes with Google’s Voice Assistant that is really robust. So why would you need another voice assistant? Furthermore, Motos run basic stock Android builds, there’s nothing more Android than a Moto (apart from the Google Pixel).

We concede that Amazon’s smart-device Alexa seems to be all the rage nowadays, being an awesome assistant to answer questions and direct traffic since 2 years back. It will be quite easy to implement Alexa into Moto smartphones, because Android is an open-source system, so Google’s Assistant can be easily replaced with Alexa.
From the beginning of this project, Lenovo and Amazon will focus on developing something called an Alexa Mod, which is a block that will attach directly to a Moto Z handset. These companies will then integrate Alexa straight into a list of Moto handsets and devices. This Mod will let users to perform daily tasks, such as texting, checking email, scrolling through the news, controlling a smart home device, call for an Uber amongst many others.

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