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‘Lenovorola’ eyes ‘exciting’ Moto summer launches, nothing on the Windows Mobile front

Intent on staying committed to “pure” Android for the foreseeable future, the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer inches closer to third-gen Moto X and second-gen Moto 360 intros.


Since Lenovo and Motorola have officially become one, the China/US-based joint venture featured in essentially every single market report and sales tracker as the main threat for the current Apple/Samsung mobile duopoly.

Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, HTC? Puh-lease, this is the PC landscape’s overall leader we’re talking about, plus a well-known, easily recognizable and respected Western phone brand. Of course the “new” Lenovo emerges as the mandatory heavyweight challenger, as long as they can smoothen and milk the transition from the “old” Motorola.

The biggest strategic mistakes the Beijing shot-callers could make would be the sudden swallowing of the Moto brand or an abrupt shift in its target markets and audience. But rest assured, none of that will happen anytime soon.

In a surprisingly candid talk with The Telegraph, company CEO Yang Yuanqing reiterated “Moto and Lenovo have different brand positions, so we try to leverage these two brands to maximize our marketshare in a particular market.” Even clearer, “our global strategy is a two-brand strategy, which means if there is a market demand, we would like to bring both brands in that market.”

Moto X 2014

Obviously, where Motorola excels, i.e. stateside and in Europe, Lenovo-labeled gadgets will play second fiddle, while in Asia, it’s going to be the other way around.

Sinking our teeth in the juiciest, most revealing parts of the interview, it appears we’ll see “some very exciting products, including phones and watches” break cover this summer under Moto names. Can you say 2015 Moto X? Second-generation Moto 360? Maybe upgraded Droid Ultras and Turbos, too. Who knows, perhaps they’ll even spread their wings beyond Verizon US for a change.

That’s all up in the air at the moment, clearly, but it’s nice to get confirmation revamped high-end Motos are nigh. Which is not what we can say about Windows 10 Mobiles from either Moto or Lenovo.

According to Yang, “there are no plans to start launching operating systems other than Android”, as “one of the key differentiators for us is the pure Android experience”, which “brings a much better software experience to consumers, and faster upgrades.” Did Lenovo just roast Microsoft?

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