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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Review: Out-Standing Design on a Budget


The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is perhaps one of the most aesthetically-pleasing tablets in the market. This budget tablet sure doesn’t compromise on style. However, it’s low price tag does come with strings attached in the department where performance is concerned.



Absolutely stellar. The amazing design of the Tab 3 can be attributed to the thick spine that holds the Tab 3 together. This heavy signature stem is what the Yoga series is know for.

This heavy stem makes it easy to grip the tablet single-handedly for browsing and reading.

It also comes with a camera attached so when you rotate this spine, the camera rotates along as well, which gives you a fully rotatable camera.


The spine also acts as a stand of sorts. You can flip it and angle it however you want so that the Tab 3 stands at whatever angle you want it to, saving your the trouble of getting a stand to prop up the device.

However, this does come with some drawbacks. The tablet is actually a tad heavy at 467.2g, about 100g above the market average.

Nevertheless, it’s full metal body design is worth the weight of you love it’s design.


The Tab 3 isn’t full-HD but it certainly looks that way. It’s nearly impossible to tell that the Tab 3 is only 1280×800 when you use it given its amazing colour schemes.


I would recommend using tablets to shoot photos other than for basic communication purposes and this is the same for the Tab 3. An 8MP rear shooter isn’t shabby at all for this price, perhaps better than most of its competitors but still unable to compare with most smartphone cameras.



The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 holds a Snapdragon 210 processor and 1GB of RAM. This is rather basic to be honest, but if you are not intending to work the device like a laptop, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Using the Tab 3 like an e-reader or media tablet should be more than satisfactory for your daily needs. Web browsing was fairly quick as well.

However, multitasking might not be its strongest suit.

Battery Life

The Tab 3 has remarkable battery life. It can withstand 1 to 2 days of usage without recharging.

The 6100mah battery life is huge. For smartphones, this can hold up for a day or slightly over, but on tablets that are not constantly connected to the cellular network (usually), it can go up to even longer durations depending on your usage.

It’s safe to say that the Tab 3 can run over 12 hours on continuous usage in my experience.


The Yoga Tab 3 is a media tablet that’s amazingly well-designed and practical. It’s remarkable battery life is another plus point in its favour. However, this device may not hold up very well if performance is a priority and portability is not it’s strongest suit. Nevertheless for $259, there is nothing to complain about.

Zayne Seah
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