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Lenovo Unveils its Windows 10 Virtual Reality Headset

Credits: Engadget

Lenov has just unveiled its first VR headset prototype that is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Holographic platform. Compared to other PC VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it’s built in a much smaller and lighter manner. Lenovo says that the final goal for the product’s weight will be around 350g, lighter than the HTC Vive’s 555g.

The design looks to be pretty comfortable according to The Verge. It seems to have drawn quite a fair bit of inspiration from the PS VR, where it chooses to suspend lenses before the user’s eyes as opposed to fastening them using a strap.

This headset comes with 2x 1440 x 1440px OLED panels which it uses as its display. Hence it has a higher resolution compared to the Rift and the Vive. The prototype, however, is not available and functional yet, so what this will translate to in the future is still unknown.

Credits: The Verge

Something else we have to consider is how well its tracking will work. This device uses inside-out, 6 degrees-of-freedom tracking. Hence no external camera necessary. The device is not ready to be shipped yet and there is no indication on how its implementation into Windows Holographic platform will work out.

What can you do with this headset? Lenovo says that every Windows Store application will be functional in a theater-style floating viewer mode, furthermore, additional HoloLens software will also be converted to the platform.

The headset Lenovo has produced still doesn’t have a name, but it is said to be ready for shipment sometime this year at a price of around US$300 and $400.

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