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Lenovo to put renewed focus on Smartphones as PC sales continue to deteriorate

Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo reiterates plans to increase focus on Smartphones as PC sales continue to drop each month.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s_02

PC manufacturer Lenovo shares their concern over the continued degradation in PC sales with each passing quarter. To counter that, the company will increase focus on Smartphones, with renewed plans to introduce their smart devices in the US as well. Of course, for a company with nearly 80% of their revenue coming from PC sales, a slumping market is a huge cause for concern. Thankfully Lenovo is  no newbie to the Smartphone market, with a near 11% market share in China. That puts them in second place to (you guessed it right) Samsung.

Lenovo K900

If Lenovo indeed aims to hit the US market, they will have to hit it real hard. The market in the US is already crowded by big players like Samsung and Apple, Lenovo will have to top their offers and impress the carriers. It ultimately boils down to the number of carriers supporting their products after all, besides making a good handset overall (and packing LTE as well, US consumers are very particular about that these days). If the company continues to make quality handsets like the recently launched K900, we see no reason as to why Lenovo would fail if they trot down this new, but tested path. Here’s hoping that their new phones see global market releases as well.

Source: WSJ via PhoneArena

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