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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Review: An Incredible Hybrid for a High Price

Lenovo has outdone itself with its ThinkPad series, and its latest hybrid, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet is a remarkable device that acts as both an ultra-portable laptop and tablet. The 12″ hybrid is packed with a pretty powerful core-m9 processor that’s fast and power-efficient. However, what makes it shine is its modular functions, allowing you to attach an add-on battery pack, a projector and even a 3D-imaging attachment. For $2,899, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet is an expensive device, but its novelty makes it a tempting buy.




The Microsoft Surface competitor is light and sleek. The 12″ tablet weighs 800g without the keyboard and 1.1kg with the keyboard. This is comparable to the Surface Pro 4 which is 768g(core-m3).

In terms of size, the ThinkPad X1 is also rather similar to the Surface Pro 4, with the former being 291 mm x 209.5 mm x 8.45 mm, and the latter being 292.1 mm x 201.42 mm x 8.45 mm. Both have the same thickness, but the width of the Surface Pro 4 is slightly smaller.


The device has a squarish build and it feels rather solid, like a sheet of steel. It holds a kickstand on its rear that can be quite hard to push out. That’s a good thing, because it means your tablet will be able to stand firmly on most surfaces without collapsing.

Carrying it around is pretty much a walk in the park. Even with the keyboard attachment, it’s weight is barely noticeable and you can easily lift your tablet/laptop up with 3 fingers.

Modular Functions

Like the LG G5, the ThinkPad X1 Tablet has a modular function that allows you to add on different attachments to suit your situation.

The first add-on is the Productivity Module that increases battery life up to 15 hours, a 5 hour additional boost to your ThinkPad, which should come in handy quite often.

The Presenter Module, is the next module that includes a pico projector and HDMI port. If you need a huge portable display for your next presentation, then using this module should help spice things up.

The 3D Imaging Module is bundled with a rear-facing Intel® RealSense camera. This module should help you scan in any 3D object for all your design needs.



The ThinkPad X1 Tablet is armed with an m9 processor that power-efficient and one of the higher-end processors for portable devices. However, it doesn’t quite match the power of i5 or i7 processors you can find in razor-thin ultrabooks like the Asus UX330 or the LG Gram. However, it should hold up just fine in most scenarios.


PCMark gives it a score of 2976, faster than most ultrabooks in the market, including the Dell XPS 12 and the Asus UX305.

Running photoshop on it alongside other high-end applications whilst multitasking did not show any significant or noticeable lags, so if speed and productivity is your main concern, then the ThinkPad X1 Tablet should hold up just fine.

User Experience


The ThinkPad X1 was a delight to use. It was sleek and portable, making it ideal as an ultrabook and the added advantage of it being a laptop/tablet hybrid brings a lot of benefits such as the ability to watch movies off the screen like a tablet without a chunky keyboard, and drawing all over your documents with the stylus provided. After all, who doesn’t like a touch screen right?


The red cursor unique to all ThinkPads however, was too sensitive for my preference and it was very difficult to navigate across the screen using that button, and the touchpad on the other hand was too insensitive and tedious to use. For the bulk of my time, I just relied on a mouse or my finger to tap on the screen, which worked fine for me.

The battery life of the X1 Tablet wasn’t as good as I had hoped for it to be. On paper, it’s supposed to last up to 10 hours without refueling, but more often than not, I found it running out of juice within 7 hours, and leaving it on sleep doesn’t really help, so you can’t just lock the screen and hope for the best like you do with smartphones or actual Android tablets.



The X1 Tablet is an innovative competitor that Microsoft needs to keep an eye out for. It’s sleek design and smooth performance makes it a tempting buy for anyone in the market for a convertible laptop. However, the device’s exorbitant price of $2,899 will make any potential buyer hesistate, and it’s less than spectacular battery life doesn’t help.

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