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Lenovo Teases an All-Screen Smartphone

Lenovo’s upcoming Z5 might just be the world’s first all-screen, no notch, no bezel smartphone. In a post on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, Lenovo Group Vice President Chang Cheng shared a sketch of what could be the Lenovo Z5. If this is true, Lenovo’s next flagship could be a ground-breaking phone with the highest screen-to-body ratio we have seen so far.

A Weibo post by Lenovo VP Chang Cheng, teasing the upcoming Lenovo Z5.

The trend of minimizing bezels on smartphones was first started by another Chinese smartphone company, Xiaomi, with the release of the Mi Mix back in October 2016. Since then, there have been many interpretations of this design concept. US smartphone brand Essential pioneered the ‘notch,’ which has since been adopted by Apple and LG. On the other hand, Samsung and Xiaomi have preferred to keep a straight edge, instead reducing the bezels at the top and bottom to a minimum.

With this latest teaser, Lenovo has certainly taken the tech world by storm. Only time will tell whether they can truly deliver.

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