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Lenovo plans tablet comeback for Motorola once it takes over

Timing remains a question mark, as Lenovo announced plans to acquire Motorola Mobility from Google way back in January and is yet to receive all the regulatory approvals needed to close the deal.


A thorn in Samsung’s side as a Google subsidiary, Motorola may return to irrelevant status in the mobile world once Lenovo takes charge. Unless the China-based PC specialist ditches its current underdog mentality, and decides to focus more on Western-targeted high-end products than low-cost Asian-exclusive dark horses.

Clearly, a name as reputable as Moto’s in pompous markets like the US is exactly what Lenovo needs to move up the ranks. But the strategy of the newly created tech giant has to be right, smart and feature less Ashton Kutcher.

Also, less quirky kickstand-including tablets and convertible laptops. More conventional but impressive tabs, and more affordable 2014 Moto X-like flagship phones instead.


Obviously, Lenovo wants to keep Motorola’s brand around, and at least for the foreseeable future, separate the Moto product lineup from the Lenovo roster. That’s exactly what the company’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, tackled in an open discussion with Taiwanese press, confirming the so-called “dual-brand” strategy he’s looking to employ.

As part of the tactic, we’ll be seeing gadgets branded as Motorolas, others carrying only Lenovo’s logos, and some touting both. Intriguingly enough, Lenovo isn’t just planning to use the Moto name for further X, G and E franchise installments, but also to reboot its daughter company’s defunct tablet family.

You know, the Xoom – Droid Xyboard series. In other words, Motorola, through Lenovo, might be looking to pull an HTC and make a comeback in a market sector it abandoned nearly three years ago. It doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever, let’s just hope people won’t remember how God-awful the Xyboards were.

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