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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Review

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is an eye-catching hulking phablet that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s heavy metal body and huge screen, however, isn’t what makes it special. Lenovo s Phab smartphones are the first smartphones to be Google Tango-ready. These guys aren’t about virtual reality. It’s all about AR, augmented reality. With pretty decent specifications, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is a phabulous device to consider if you love gigantic smartphones.

The massive smartphone is coated with a reflective metal body that makes it look like a solid bar of gold. It’s pretty heavy too, weighing 259g, over ⅔ the weight of an 8-inch Mi Pad 2. It’s definitely not going to be a phone that’s easy to carry around.

It’s gigantic body is built to encase Google’s Tango machine inside and hold a multi-camera set up.

Beside its 2 gigantic cameras on the rear, you will find its fingerprint sensor which is a little inconveniently located.

The 6.4-inch smartphone has a pretty vibrant display with a really clear 2K resolution that makes multimedia viewing an absolute pleasure too. However, the bezels around the screen could be smaller in our opinion, because the phone is really just too big for the average Joe.


Onto the most important thing about the Phab 2 Pro, Google’s Tango app is pretty much the device’s selling point.


Tango is all about augmented reality it inserts virtual objects into your real-world environment via your smartphone’s lens. Think Pokemon Go. Yes, that.

Your phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and rear-facing sensors work together to help detect surface topography and depth. It’s fun to use Tango, I mean getting a Dino in your room is always cool, but the novelty may away after some time. The useful part of Tango for most is the ability to place a life-size appliance in your house to see if it fits, the potential for interior designers is surely huge in this field. The gaming aspect of Tango is currently still limited. The games showcase Tango’s hardware prowess, but it doesn’t feel very fun right now. Of course, I expect the library of games to become better once more developers come on board and more smartphones begin to adopt Tango.

The smartphone’s performance is also fairly impressive. It holds 4GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor that has been engineered specifically for Tango smartphones. Using it generally doesn’t produce any noticeable lags unless you try running Tango alongside intensive applications like Photoshop and other image editing software such as PicsArt. Even then, the delays and lags are not particularly significant. For most intents and purposes, multitasking on the device should not be much of an issue, if any at all.

AnTutu benchmarks gave the device a score of 83,238, which makes it pretty fast, between a high-end midranger and a flagship smartphone.

Gaming performance is rather average. The 3DMark Slingshot test gave it a score of 865, placing it close to flagships like Sony’s Xperia X.

Running games like Asphalt 8 wasn’t the smoothest experience but it was still acceptable in our opinion.


The camera on the Phab 2 Pro is also fairly decent. It’s specifications show that it has a 16MP fast focus rear camera with motion and depth sensors and a fixed focus 8MP front camera. Shots with the rear camera are certainly detailed and clear. Clarity is awesome and its low-light shots are quite well-illuminated too.

Videos on the Phab 2 Pro are alright, but not spectacular. It only offers Full-HD resolution and not QHD or UHD, which was a little disappointing for us.

The front camera feels rather average, its f/2.2 aperture makes it suitable for ordinary selfies, but I wouldn’t use it heavily for taking instagram-worthy photos.

Battery life is spectacular on the Phab 2 Pro. I managed to use it well over a day without recharging, and as someone that texts and surfs the web a lot,I see the Phab 2 Pro as an impressive device. No portable charger is needed with this bad boy when bringing it out on full charge. Its 4,050mAh battery is also Quickcharge-enabled, which means that recharging the huge fuel tank will be pretty quick too, giving you a full charge from 10% to 100% in just over an hour.


For a device that will be available for S$199 on a 4G 4 Plan exclusively with Starhub, it’s not exactly what I would call the most value-for-money device in the market, but it’s not overpriced considering the fact that its a Tango-pioneer. However, if you don’t need Tango for your interior design purposes or if AR just doesn’t appeal much to you, then there are other phablets such as the Mi Max which are much cheaper and at the same time, hold pretty decent processing power as well.

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A tech geek going beyond specs.

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