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Lenovo Launches Modular Moto Z and Moto Z Play in Singapore

At Lenovo’s launch event today, the 5.2mm modular Moto Z and its thicker cousin, the Moto Z Play was revealed to the Singaporean media.

By Zayne Seah
By Zayne Seah

The S$899 Moto Z flagship packs on a Snapdragon 820 state-of-the-art processor and a 4GB RAM that’s comparable to the Samsung S7 Edge. The 13MP f/1.8 rear camera is also a powerful shooter to be reckoned with. Having felt and maneuvered the smartphone myself, I’m more than impressed. The razor thin smartphone doesn’t just look good and feel good. The stock Android build makes the user interface simple and easy to use. With an AnTuTu rating of around 130,000, it matches and even outperforms flagships like the Samsung S7.

By Zayne Seah
By Zayne Seah

The greatest part about the Moto Z and Moto Z Play is its modular functionalities. The Moto Z is by no means an LG G5. In my opinion, it’s way better. Modules are snapped on to the device. Unlike the LG G5 that needs to be powered off or powered on whenever you remove or add on components, Moto module components can literally be packed onto the device like a Lego brick.

Snap-on Projector
Snap-on Projector

Battery PackBattery Pack

Hasselblad Camera
Hasselblad Camera
JBL Soundblast
JBL Soundblast

The modular components include the:
• Battery Pack
• Hasselblad True Zoom Camera
• Snap-on Projector
• JBL Soundboost Speakers

The battery pack allows you to turbo-charge your device, giving you 8 hours for the battery life within a 15 minute charge, and this battery pack, is razor-thin and light. In fact, for a 15 minute charge, the Moto Z Play will refuel up to 10 hours of battery life in that flash-charge.

The Hasselblad True Zoom add-on allows you to zoom in 10x on your subject, making it ideal for shoots especially in the sporting scene, so if you are an avid photographer, then this module, will turn you into quite the mobile sniper.

Without a doubt, the snap-on projector is one of coolest add-ons. This add-on will allow you to play movies and videos on a large screen, or even let you binge-watch Game of Thrones on your ceiling as you laze in bed on a cosy Sunday evening.

Don’t want to share your movies, the JBL Soundboost Speaker add on will turn your Moto Z or Z Play into a portable boombox, blasting The Chainsmoker and Daya with your friends at your next pool party. Having heard it first hand, the volume and bass, is definitely impactful and punchy.

So will you get the Moto Z at S$899 or the larger Moto Z Play at S$699? I think it will be a good idea. But to recommend it to you, wait till I get my hands on a review set, and give you my first-hand experience.


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