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Lenovo acquisition will not affect Motorola’s device release schedule

Motorola will continue to work on its devices, which include a second generation Moto X, after the Lenovo acquisition.


Yesterday, it was revealed that Lenovo was acquiring Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91 billion. It has been learnt that even after the deal goes through, after regulatory signoff (of which there is to be a considerable amount), Motorola will continue to finish working on devices that are already underway.

Among the devices rumoured to be launched include the second generation Moto X, which might launch later this year or earlier next year. There is also talk of a 6-inch phablet device that will be announced in 2015. In addition, Motorola is said to be working on a smartwatch. It has been alleged that Lenovo will let Motorola release all these devices, and then focus on launching Lenovo-designed Motorola handsets. It has also been rumoured that Lenovo will allow users to customize future Motorola handsets through the Moto Maker customization utility, but the facility which undertakes these customized orders will likely change.

While the device release schedule might still remain unchanged, the manufacturing of these devices might. Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola works in its favor in this regard, as the Chinese manufacturer has an established base in most emerging countries. In Brazil, Lenovo is investing $100 million in research efforts, and the manufacturer has an established distribution hub in India. For the next year at least, Motorola will function as an individual entity. Lenovo has issued a challenge to the likes of Samsung after the acquisition, so it should be interesting to see the direction the Chinese manufacturer envisages for Motorola.

Source: Sina Weibo (registration required)

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