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‘The Legend of Zelda’ for Wii U isn’t coming out this year


Sad news for Nintendo Wii U owners waiting for the release of ‘Legend of Zelda’. Producer of the game, Eiji Aonuma, today announced that they will not be able to release the game by the year end as many were hoping.

Nintendo published a video today on YouTube where Aonuma explained that the company wants to make the upcoming game the most complete and ultimate Zelda game yet. Which is why, the game will not release this year. He didn’t clarify when exactly the game will be coming out now, but we believe that the game could debut early next year.

Nintendo first showed off the ‘The Legend of Zelda’ game footage at its E3 event in 2014. Back then it had claimed that the game would arrive for the Wii U console by 2015. The game has managed to gain a lot of attention ever since Nintendo first announced it. It has been ranked as one of the most anticipated upcoming games of 2015 by a number of websites such as GameTrailers.

Source: YouTube

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