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LED lights on Empire State building to display U.S election results

November 6 is election day in the United States. As the results come in, electoral votes for either candidate will be tallied in LED lights on the Empire State building, for the eyes of New Yorkers and those watching via CNN.

It's well known that technology has changed the way elections are done in the United States, from campaigning via social media, to accessing realtime results via the Internet. But this year, election day will benefit from a less dramatic use of modern technology. Namely, LED lights, which are installed on the spire of New York City's iconic Empire State building

Anybody in view of the building will be able to see how each presidential candidate is fairing, by a tally of lights. Red for republican, whose candidate is Mitt Romney, and blue for Democrat, whose candidate is current president Barrack Obama.



As electoral votes are updated, the tally of lights will increase to indicate which candidate is currently winning. When a winning candidate is projected, the lights will change all red or all blue for the respective candidate.


The color of the LED's on the Empire State building's spire are frequently changed to coincide with certain events. For example, they were changed orange on the 15th anniversy of Walt Disney's The Lion King.


This event marks the first that will utilize custom LED panels from Philips. Eyes from around the city, and the country itself will be trained on them, since the spire will be filmed and broadcasted around the United States by CNN.


Source: CNET

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