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Lechal smart shoes buzzes off where you should go

No more constant staring at Google Maps, because this smart shoe would simply buzz you to your destination.


Google Maps and even basic GPS may have made our navigating life easier, but they’re not perfectly convenient. You’d of course still want your eyes on your foot during your travels. Luckily, there’s something that might just be perfect for this, and remember, it’s all in the foot.

Lechal, a product developed by Indian startup company Ducere Technologies is a pair of smart shoes that is designed to help users navigate, without the need to constantly stare at their GPS. It may look like an ordinary pair of sleek running shoes, but it’s actually infused with modern tech. It communicates to your smartphone via-Bluetooth, integrating with Google Maps to provide additional guidance to the user.

What kind of guidance you ask? Well, as you tread towards your destination, either left or right shoe will buzz, depending on the direction that you need to go. If your Google Maps route says that you need to turn right, the right shoe will buzz, and vice versa. Originally designed as an assisting system for the visually impaired, the concept evolved to become a smart navigation assist system. It technically limits the need for a user to always check their smartphones when using GPS and other navigation apps, thus reducing the risk of certain negligent incidences involving those applications.

Aside from the smart shoes, Lachel also includes a special app that coordinates with the shoes by tracking the users travel statistics. The app can be used to record routes taken, or calculate calories burned, and the data will be saved in a cloud database for future reference. The battery installed at the heel of the shoe can last for about 3 days of use, and can be charged via USB or AC outlet. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Other specs, such as size options, commercial availability, and average price are not yet revealed, but you can check all the other revealed info at its official website.

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