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Leaked Windows Phone screenshots reveal notifications center and more

Windows Phone 8.1

It looks like Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform will finally be blessed with a ‘Notifications Center’ as leaked screenshots of a W.I.P. Windows Phone 8 update showcases the same.

Back in 2012, Microsoft was bold enough to state that they “ran out of time” with the development of Windows Phone 8 to include a ‘Notifications Center’, much to everyone’s dismay. A notifications drop down panel is very useful to check all pending notifications and attend them, as well as be able to quickly launch certain background apps or check their status. It’s bad enough that all major mobile operating systems had a notifications drop down panel even before Windows Phone 8 released, and to see a new platform release without one lead to many new Windows Phone users fruitlessly try to pull down a menu from the top edge of the screen before finally adapting to its absence altogether.

Leaked screenshots of an upcoming software version 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407 (compiled May 9th) showcase a ‘Notifications Center’ in Microsoft’s slick mobile OS. Additional UI changes are also in tow (check attached screenshots) and Microsoft has some improvements to the multi-tasking view as well (adding an option to close apps from within the multi-tasking view).

The leaked screenshots (certainly a handful), show a particular app named “Here Drive” mention “deltaBLUE” at the end of its name. We can relate BLUE to Windows Phone 8.1 Blue but don’t really know where to place the remainder of the word. Despite that, we don’t doubt that this is indeed a working build of a future version of Windows Phone 8. Don’t be alarmed by the number of apps starting with the letter ‘z’ as that is common with previous W.I.P. (Leaked) builds of Windows Phone.

It is entirely plausible that these new features come to existing Windows Phone 8 users with the impending 8.1 Blue update, which is scheduled to arrive after desktops and tablets running Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT receive the update. We can only hope that it comes before 2014 (as per our previous report), as the next year is (disappointingly) far away and the update would come in a little too late by then (perhaps even Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie would be out by then).

Source: Reddit via The Verge

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