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Leaked: PayPal To Support Android By Today?

Apparently, a staff member over at PayPal got a little too excited and jumped the gun by claiming that PayPal support is well on its way to the Android Marketplace even before any official announcements have been made. And while the post in the official PayPal blog has since been yanked down, it seems that the information has already managed to find its way into Google’s cache. Nice.

Another day, another piece of news regarding PayPal and its popular online payment system. This time, the company is making the headlines once again, albeit for a mix of both right and wrong reasons. Based on what we know, it appears that PayPal has been hard at work convincing Google to use its online payment service for the Android Marketplace instead of Google’s own payment methods.

Now that is definitely good news, except for the wrong reason: it got leaked out on PayPal’s official blog a day before the system was supposed to go live for deployment. And while PayPal had already taken down the posting, a cached version of the information has already found its way onto Google, as shown below.

The leaked blog post also contains some additional bits of information useful for end-users. Apparently, the PayPal app (known as PayPal Mobile For Android) is completely free to download and has already been pushed to the Android Marketplace. However, the app was nowhere to be found when we paid the Marketplace a visit with our own Android-powered phones.

Still, the announcement of such a tie-up between PayPal and Google can only be good for consumers. Those who do not have accounts which are compatible with Google Checkout now have an alternative method of paying for apps, while those who are already using Google Checkout have an additional option to choose from. All in all, a good move.

The full blog posting, for those who are interested:

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