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Oops! Microsoft E3 PR manual for XBone found on the Internet

Shortly after E3 was over, an internal document was leaked to the public about the Xbox One with scripted answers to expected queries including the use of DRM on the new system, the possibility of sharing games and whether or not games will be transferable between accounts.

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The document was uploaded to PasteBin on the 12th of June and has not been removed. With over 60,000 views, it has circulated plenty of websites including Kotaku and IGN, as well as being posted on news aggregator sites such as Reddit. The document contains a hundred questions and answers that were possibly raised during the event. The reason for such a document would be to brief anyone from Microsoft who would be speaking to the media about the new console.

Some questions range from the fairly mundane such as:

  1. Q:      What is Snap?
  2. A:      Snap lets you do two activities on Xbox One at the same time, on the same screen, like Skype with friends while playing your favorite game or watching the playoffs while managing your fantasy football team.

To the fairly interesting

  1. Q:      Did you discontinue the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack because of the new Xbox Live Gold offering?
  2. A:      We’re continually evolving our products and services and are excited to extend Xbox Live Gold to anyone in the home on Xbox One.

It’s great for those who were not 100% sure about stuff during E3, but it’s a minefield for journalists, still trying to figure out whether or not if this is real. For the curious, you can read the full document right here.

While Microsoft have yet to confirm whether or not the document is legitimate, the answers do line up with many of the quotations and comments made from the three day event.  Speaking with Kotaku, a Microsoft representative declined to comment on whether or not the document was real or if the answers were correct. Whether this was leaked internally or someone happened to stumble across it, it’s good to see that Microsoft are handling this in the best way possible. While they may not be a hundred percent transparent, they definitely are trying to make sure there is some kind of control with information about the console.

via Kotaku

Source: PasteBin

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