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Leaked Lumia 925 screenshots show upcoming Windows Phone 8 Amber in action

WPDang brings us leaked screenshots showing off the upcoming Windows Phone 8 Amber on Nokia’s new Lumia 925 flagship Smartphone.


With Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference merely days away, WPDang has posted leaked images of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 Amber update running on the Nokia Lumia 925. The new features seen in the leaked screenshots will make it to all existing Nokia Lumia Smartphones, with a possibly reduced feature set hitting Windows Phone 8 handsets from other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc.

Have a look at the leaked screenshots from the Nokia Lumia 925 running on the unreleased Windows Phone 8 Amber OS:

Here are a few notable changes observed with the WP8 Amber update:

  • Smart Camera (Smart Capture) Feature
  • Double Lock-Screen (one showing the clock)
  • Manual Display Tweaking (color temperature, saturation)
  • Memory Checker
  • IBM Notes Traveller Support
  • Nokia HERE
  • New Wallpapers

Set of images showcasing the new ‘Smart Capture’ feature:

Quite neat huh? We’ve already seen something like this on the Samsung Galaxy S4, it was only a matter of time before the feature was made available to other flagship devices as well.

It’s nice to see Microsoft working on new Windows Phone 8 platform updates, however they really need to step up their game. The new Amber update brings in a slew of new features and tweaks, but is it enough to go up against iOS 7 and the upcoming Android 4.3 Jelly Bean? Perhaps not, so we’re really hoping for something good with the next Windows Phone GDR3 update (to bring 1080p display, quad-core SoC support). Until then, Nokia WP8 owners rejoice, a system update is on the way to your beloved Lumia handset.

Source: WPDang

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