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Leaked iPhone 6s packaging confirms name, 16GB base model

Apple seems to be in no mood to offer more storage on base iPhone models.


Apple just confirmed the next iPhones will be announced on September 9th, and the internet has just provided us with what is allegedly the packaging of the iPhone 6s. The packaging reveals two important details, that the new iPhone will indeed simply add an ‘s’ to the name and that the base model will offer only 16GB of internal storage. The latter is something rumors had already pointed out earlier this year, and it’s disappointing to see Apple might once again be limiting available storage for those who opt for the cheapest variant of its industry-dominating smartphone.

There is a slight possibility the iPhone 6s Plus will start from 32GB, but with the world moving towards cloud storage and with Apple now offering an online music service as well, 16GB might be the starting option on both the standard and Plus-sized iPhone 6s. Thankfully, the phones will offer upgrades in other aspects, including the new A9 processor, 2GB of RAM (finally), and a 12-megapixel rear camera. The phones are also expected to incorporate Apple’s Force Touch technology into the display, and it isn’t going to be too long before we get all the official details.

Source: Twitter

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